Dealextreme sku5218

From ST2205u wiki
  • Available here
  • ST2203u core
  • PCF8833
  • 16bits display control
  • Memory size - 3MB ? (stores up to 72 photos)

Needs appropriate profile:

I made a new profile for a new unit (received 25 september 2008)

Make sure that the device is powered with the batteries, the new firmware doesn't load if powered by usb alone


  • Unit received 28th September - neither of the above profiles work. Instead it is detected as HK unbranded!
  • Unit received 27th October - matched by profile from
  • Unit received October - matched the new profile, seems the firmware loaded but only lcd4linux partially worked; setpic doesn't work(as of v1.4.1 of phack tool, it works)
  • Unit received 20th November - unsupported
  • Unit received 25th January 2009 - possibly unsupported Tool appeared to run but left device in strange state - powers up but not recognised as valid USB device under Linux, OS-X or Windows 98. Linux eventually returns "usb 2-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110" errors. Unfortunately didn't think to capture the output of st2205tool (v1.4.2) as it seemed to be working :( Is possible that flashing failed as only using supplied batteries which may have been under-voltage at time. Internal PCB labeled HY3001_1.5_NIH_V13 07-11-16. Sorry can't give more details but open to things to try - hughhalf