HK unbranded

From ST2205u wiki
  • As sold by this guy on eBay
  • ST2203u core
  • PCF8833
  • 24bits display control
  • Supported since v1.4 (m_hknameless)
  • A29L800 1MB Flash Memory

I bought one of these off eBay and the firmware is different and doesn't work.--Adamsteele 17:16, 27 April 2008 (CEST)

Got aswell an equal looking device (1Mbyte Flash) from Ebay germany, have send the Firmware to Sprite.


  • Note that there are a lot similar looking devices that use the incompatible AppoTech chipset. They will not work with this tool.

HK unbranded with different FW

I have used the Adamsteele's work as template, only changed the EMPTY_AT, and recompiled using the compiler from photokeychain.

My profile is here

Seems that this device has only 16bit display, and you _HAVE_ to apply the "Pad to 512-byte boundary" patch. Otherwise the library cannot write any data at BPP other than 24.

Enjoy ;)