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Innovage Products / Innovage Generic

Model Details

  • Generic Digital Photo Keychain (Digital Photo Viewer)
  • Supports: 1.4" LCD
  • 60 Color Photos (8mb)
  • 128x128 16bit

Photographic examples:

Note all examples have chrome back. Newer "slim" models are NOT supported.

Another identical looking model that is NOT quite the same is the Innovage-shift3, but it also can be hacked. It is explicitly branded as a Shift3 device instead of Innovage.


  • Vender: 1403 (Sitronix)
  • Device: 0001 (Digital Photo Frame)
  • Should be the same as the generic ones already tested


  • CVS, Sale for 20 dollars.
  • Available at Amazon for 29 dollars
  • Online in various forms on eBay

Chips on Board

  • MX-e041351
  • 29LV081TC-90
  • 2F475300B0
  • Taiwan

Markings on Board

dg015 on board

Firmware available here