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This is a wiki for the hacking of the small photo-frames powered by the ST2205u- and the seemingly compatible ST2203u-chipset. For now, it mainly revolves around the phack tool and the firmware hacks to display live pictures via the USB connection.

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ST2205u phack tool:

photokeychain @

ST2205 Firmware Hack Tool for Linux

Attempts to automatically copy, break up and disassemble the firmware for SITRONIX devices to create a hack that may allow you to use LCD4Linux on it.,2435 - Read the second post in this thread by Peter Gunn and use the tool. There is a script and instructions to try and generate a hack for a st2205 device that is not currently supported by st2205tool.

Sitronix Firmware dumper/writer for Windows

TAKE CARE! IT'S NEW AND CAN BE BUGGY!!! The device must be first mounted with his own drive letter!
Has been programmed in AutoIT. Includes the UDF (User-Defined Functions) and two compiled programs with their source code: --Socram8888 17:43, 15 July 2010 (CEST)

ST2205 Related:

Hardware info

Other picture frame hacks

Call for an open source initiative to create a open display standard for all cheap mini photoframes

  • Please comment if possible, maybe one of your guys can help create this standard. (but don't forget to read my idea first)