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I updated the st2205 library with all known hacks and patches, changelog:

changes from v1.4.2 - v1.4.3

   - libst2205.c: fix segfault introduced in v1.4.2, fails on an unhacked keychain (thanks Sean Burford)
   - add a note to Coby DP 151 V8 hack-spec file, use another offset x/y position (thanks Sean Burford)
   - removed debug information
   - removed unneeded main.c file in libst2205 directory

changes from v1.4.1 - v1.4.2

   -slice.c: fix compiler warning
   -libst2205.c: Fix error handling if param block not found
   -libst2205.c: Minor fixes
   -add another innovage keychain, support now 17 modules
   -main.c: fix display help

changes from v1.4 - v1.4.1

   - applied Metan's patch, src:
       - segfault on ppc (empty return in function returning int)
       - compilation fails because of missing -fPIC on x86_64
       - coding style formated according to linux kernel style
       - various small fixups
   - supports now 16 st2205 modules, src:
   - fixed, backup fw
   - fixed libst2205, crashes on Xscale/ARM CPU's, function enddata
   - removed lcd4linux patch as the driver is upstream

Most changes can be found on the wiki, I just pasted them together.

Download it here....

-> comments, more patches etc. mail to michu (at) neophob (dot) com