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Large apps

  • Mplayer: a patch is included in the st2205tool-package to enable output from MPlayer to a photo-unit.

UPDATE: A patch was developed against MPlayer 2012-05-5 to support st2205u and ax206 frames: [1]
UPDATE: As of SVN rev 27631 - it looks like the MPlayer team hasn't integrated the changes into the trunk. I was able get it work with MPlayer ; by modifying configure,video_out.c + adding the vo_st2205u.c from the diff. It took a few minutes to get it working; but still - it's not in MPlayer svn. Also - once you get it compiled I thought this syntax would help others:

sudo ./mplayer -vo st2205u:/dev/sdb /media/test.avi -zoom -x 128 -y 128

UPDATE: patch for mplayer svn r28381:
Hint to start mplayer:

# ./mplayer -vo st2205u:/dev/sdX -x 128 -y 128 -framedrop movie.avi

YouTube video showing 8fps movie on DPF

  • Lcd4linux : A patch is included for this nice app too. Here is a LCD4Linux in action shot. EDIT: I applied the patch to the LCD4Linux trunk, so the latest svn version of LCD4Linux support st2205 out of the box.

Sample .conf file: Lcd4linux.conf

Small applications