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Hi! I have just got one of these devices as a gift and I decided to try to do something useful with It like showing network status while playing in fullscreen, or monitoring server status for example. I tried to use st2205tool with my device, but it fails. Fwimage.bak is 0 bytes and then program aborts. The backup of the data is not done :S.

when running:

  1. ./phack -m "baks r ok" /dev/sdb

It says: Expected response 8 on cmd 1, got 0x10!

I have been looking at the code and this means this is not a photoframe device, but well, it is ^^.

Anyway as you are asking for flash images I have uploaded mine here:

It is done using

  1. dd if=/dev/sdb of=./dpfimage.img

Disassembling is not my best, specially when having to deal with "special" instructions... but I might be able to help if you need something.

P.S.: I posted this here because I couldn't find any e-mail. You can contact me at enrodri86 at gmail dot com. ;)