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File:Photo TomTec pictframe.jpg
The TomTec digital mini photo frame
  • For sale in: The Netherlands (Bart Smit, approx. EUR 15,-; Halfords, EUR 9,99)
  • Display: 128X128, 16bit, PCF8833 compatible
  • Controller: According to Jorik, a st2203u.
  • Supported by st2205tool (v1.2): Completely
  • Memory Size ??mb

Tip for users with TomTec sitronix photoframe bought at Halfords in the Netherlands

It took me quite some time to get it working and would like to share this tip to take away some frustration. The TomTec frame is quite hard to flash, after a while it worked but was only able to display the 'It Works' image. After that the display was non responsive. The following steps will make the display work perfectly

Take these steps to get the TomTec frame to work:

  • Put the frame in update mode
  • Download
  • unzip
  • Flash the device with the keypix firmware: phack -uf fwimage.bin /dev/sdX (where X is the device name)
  • Again put the device in update mode (You'll notice the layout is slightly different from the original firmware)
  • Run from the 1.4.3 st2205 tool

Now everything works fine. Tested it with phack and lcd4linux. Good luck