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Important Note About Hardware/Firmware Versions

Rule of thumb: If it does not contain a driver CD and dmesg shows two partitions on the LCD instead of just one 2MB (size is important) unreadable partition, the LCD is almost certain to be unhackable (or in the very least, unsupported by st2205tool, and at this point in time.

Example of dmesg from an unhackable device:

[699301.728133] scsi 77:0:0:0: Direct-Access     SITRONIX MULTIMEDIA       0.09 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 CCS
[699301.731121] scsi 77:0:0:1: Direct-Access     SITRONIX MULTIMEDIA       0.09 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 CCS
[699301.732166] sd 77:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 0
[699301.732530] sd 77:0:0:1: Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0
[699301.747253] sd 77:0:0:0: [sdb] 4096 512-byte logical blocks: (2.09 MB/2.00 MiB)
[699301.750100] sd 77:0:0:1: [sdc] 448 512-byte logical blocks: (229 kB/224 KiB)

If the device only shows up as a CDROM device with no partitions, it may be compatible with DPF_with_AppoTech_AX206

Supported Devices

Your best bets right now (November 2010) are probably the:

  • Coby DP151SX provided that you can absolutely confirm you're getting the correct version of this model with the packaging information on that page (read: eBay and talking to the seller, not Amazon which may be using dated stock pictures),
  • The Coby DP152 as it does not appear to have (m/any?) hardware revisions yet,
  • The Innovage Shift3 Fat because it is easily identifiable and common... if you don't mind the battery icon.
  • Any photo keychain that looks similar to the Shift3 Fat, as these would be Innovage Generics. (Sharper Image, Digital Photo Key Chain, multiple rebrands) The important thing to note is the chrome back half. If the packaging mentions a CD and the keychain itself has a chrome back half, you're pretty sure to have a hackable model.

Folks, if you have any recent experiences, please update the device pages and/or this list. This project is seeing a little bit of a resurgence due to the Seagate Dockstar hacking group over at and we'd like to ensure information here is also up to date.

Hacking (or trying to) the Devices

To add support for new devices see st2205tool/hack/newhack.txt. david DOT manso AT epistolae DOT com: A semiautomated version can be found in

Alternately, if you KNOW you have an st2205 based picture frame that only has a single partition, you can also try the instructions listed here. This method has been tested to work in generating hacks for both the Coby DP152 MK1 and Shift3 Fat.,2435,2439#msg-2439

eBay buyers, please contribute

Contribute your eBay experience with finding compatible devices on the EBay page.

Work in progress

The following device can be hacked. An alternative firmware is available.

This section is outdated. Assume the following models to be unsupported.

Untested Devices

  • Coby DP-152BLK
  • Coby DP-152BK
  • DigiView K11
  • Innovage-Shift3-Slim on the Innovage-shift3 page
  • Kodak Smile G150 (Clone of Coby DP152?, Sold as a bundle with camera)
  • Shenzhen Kinoway K-1000DPF 1.1 inch Digital Photo Frame

Unsupported Devices

  • AV Labs AVL969 (unmatched profile, "phack -m" working) - See DPF_with_AppoTech_AX206
  • Coby DP-151BW - See DPF_with_AppoTech_AX206
  • Coby DP-151MP (Read Coby DP-151 for how to identify this revision)
  • Driverless DPF with AppoTech AX203 (does not come with a CD) - A.K.A. Philips branded/Wal-mart.
  • DPF-1502. Mini Digital Photo Frame 1MB (advertised as 8Mb (1MB))
  • Ebuyer "Extra Value" Digital Photo Keyring (unmatched profile, "phack -m" working).
  • Emprex BPF-0241 (2.4")
  • GoldLantern DPF-0015C
  • HighpeQ PV-115
  • Keypix 1,5" Digital Photo Frame (with 16MB/107 Pic, _without_ driver CD)
  • nexXtech Model 1618814 - 1.5" Digital Photo keyring. phack -m working. memory and firmware dumped.
  • TomTec? DPF-001 (unmatched profile, "phack -m" working)
  • Uniden Bundeled Photoframe "phack -m" works after commenting the explicit exit at line 221 of main.c
  • VEA CPPC15 (unmatched profile, "phack -m" working), seems to be based on 65CE02 --latouche
  • Mercury ME-DPF24MG "phack -m" works after applying patches to st2205tool from the Technaxx Magno page

Old Stuff

Could you send me any firmwares + memory dumps of unsupported devices? Perhaps a generic hacking approach is feasible, but I'd need firmware images to determine that first. You may mail them to picframe at spritesmods dot com. Sprite tm (- Email address invalid as mails are undeliverable. 21/02/09)